Glimpse of the 7 Year Quest

In 2005 Onyay embarked on a 7 Year Quest to delve into the mysteries at Sacred Sites all over the world through sound. 
She has journeyed deep into the Amazonian Rainforest and ascended high into the Andes of Peru and Ecuador, explored
the Mayan Ruins of Mexico,the Temples and Pyramids of Egypt, the Caves and Ruins of Crete and Greece, the castles and
mountains of Southern France as well as sacred and natural places in over 33 countries including Chile, Ireland, Indonesia,
South Africa and New Zealand.  Her process involves a receptivity and communication in these places, translating them
through her voice and violin as a sonic shapeshifter becoming more human and more than human simultaneously. 
Below is a small sampling of photos from a few of her adventures...