Onyay Pheori doesn't fit into a neat box, and she never tried to. As a vocalist, violinist, performing & recording artist and songwriter, she has a passion for telling stories about love and the human experience.  Every note, every lyric connects. There’s no facade, just raw, unfiltered emotion.


Turn on the TV. Her musical threads run through shows on ABC, Bravo, Lifetime, USA Network, E!, MTV, and ESPN. International audiences? They've gotten a taste too, with placements stretching from Europe and Australia to South America and Asia. And if you're into gaming, you've probably come across her in the "Devil May Cry 4" trailer. She’s also had placements in major international ad campaigns, commercials and trailers for Grey's Anatomy and HDNET.


Live, Onyay's essence comes alive. From 2007-2015, she toured with The Earthharp Collective at performing arts centers, festivals and corporate events around the world. From the International Arts Festival at the Great Hall in Shanghai to the culturally rich La Calaca Festival in San Miguel de Allende, she has deeply connected with audiences around the world.  Not to mention performing for the opening of the Aria in Vegas, TEDx Kansas City, Lightning in a Bottle, and The Wanderlust Festival, the finals of America's Got Talent, to name a brief few.  Onyay also toured with the renowned Quixotic Fusion.  She also had collaborative alt rock and indie pop projects Sky Mansion and Curious Blue, solo projects and collaborated with many producers for film and tv.


In addition to her music career, Onyay has journeyed far and wide, exploring the depths of ancient civilizations and sacred sites. Her seven-year odyssey, known as 33 Muses, took her from deep in the lush Amazonian Rainforest to the soaring heights of the Andes in Peru and Ecuador. She has wandered among the ruins of the Mayan civilization in Mexico, delved into the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids, and ventured into the sacred caves and ruins of Crete and Greece. From the castles of Southern France to the mystical temples and jungles of Bali and Java, Onyay has immersed herself in over 33 countries, communing with the very essence and activations of these magical places.


Guided by her multi-dimensional receptivity and deep connection to the sounds and memories held within these sacred sites, Onyay channels the wisdom and frequencies of these places through her voice and violin. As a sonic shapeshifter, she embodies both her human self and something beyond, unleashing a transformative power that transcends time and space.


In her commitment to empowering others, Onyay facilitates breathwork, transformational experiences, meditation, inner journeys with live music and retreats for individuals and groups. She creates sacred spaces where souls can embark on profound self-discovery, rewiring their nervous systems, retrieving fragmented parts of themselves, and embracing the truest expression of their beings.